A memorial park of breathtaking beauty

Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) is the first entry for Nirvana Asia Group in Malaysia’s historic state. Located near Machap Baru of Melaka’s Alor Gajah district – one the largest Chinese settlements in the state – the new concept memorial park has excellent scenery and is encircled by verdant hills with picturesque sentimental water features, highly important criteria in terms of Feng Shui to ensure auspicious blessings for vitality, prosperity and status for generations of future descendants.

Meticulously designed and systematically planned, the landscaping is breathtakingly beautiful as are its delightful and mesmerizing artificial water features. As with most recent iterations of Nirvana’s memorial parks, Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) combines both traditional and modern elements for an extraordinary visual spectacle without compromising on visitor convenience and comfort. The beauty of the natural landscape is further enhanced by tranquil and sublime parks and gardens that evoke the warmth and beauty of life.

The main structure that dominates the park is the location of Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka)’s Temple of the Three Saints. The modern style complex is a departure from the usual traditional architectural features of similar complexes at other Nirvana Memorial Parks, a testimony to Nirvana Asia’s willingness to embrace new innovations and technology for a modern reinterpretation of culture and traditions.

Bursting with colour and life, Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) keeps an array of selections for burial plots and columbaria to ensure inclusivity for multiple denominations. The memorial park is an ode to the endless cycle of life – the perfect choice for an eternal resting place that celebrates life in all its glory and cherished memories of departed loved ones.

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